Self-healing seminars

Selfhealing seminars – level I, duration: 3 hours.
First part is one and a half hours long and we will talk about the origins of disease and pain in the body. This knowledge is tecnical in nature, therefore a pen and paper are suggested but not necessery. After a 15 min break, we continue with the second part in wich I demonstrate the selfhealing tecnique on one or two volunteers.

Selfhealing seminars level II, duration: 3 hours.
On this level we get to know the nature of our real, spiritual identity.
We learn about the properties of our spiritual nature and all the aspects of such thinking and attitudes. We will get to know different kinds of techiques of how to get ahold of our mind, control our emotions and transform any negative situation into a positive one. We learn how to play a role of a spirit soul which enables us to easily overcome any kind of situation our life brings to us. The excercises we learn on this level should be practiced every day for 40 days after which we meet again to share the experiences and continue with further levels of selfhealing.
Requirements for attending level II: one should read my book at least a few times, try the technique on oneself and get positive results so there we are convinced that the technique really works. Without a personal experience, level II can be quite a challenging experience. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you want to meet me in private to discuss your questions and problems.

Samoozdravljenje seminari Kristijan Kolega