Selfhealing – practical application


Few words about my first book, Selfhealing-practical application and the self-healing technique:

For a modern man, disease represents the biggest problem and it is the cause of anxiety for all age groups. Most of us feel helpless when faced with numerous disorders, viruses or genetic dysfunctions and various possibilities of sufferings from pains and disabilities. Diseases lower our quality of life and it often happens that besides the patient, sufferings are also felt by the closest members of the patient’s family.

Modern medicine has always had the difficult task of discovering the root-cause of every disease in order to successfully eliminate it. If, for example, we drink poisoned water and because of that we suffer digestive problems and stomach pains, taking painkillers would be only a part of solution, because we didn’t understand the real cause of our problems. In this way we only treat symptoms while the real cause still exists and is threatening with new symptoms.

Modern medicine today still doesn’t know the root cause of any disease. This experiment can be done by anyone; ask your doctor what is the cause of any disease (take your pick) is and when he answers, you continue with another question: “And what is the cause of that?” For example, if you have a cold and you’re sneezing, coughing and feeling lack of energy in your body, your doctor may tell you that your immune system has weakened and because of that you’re experiencing all those symptoms. Continue asking questions: “What caused my immune system to become weaker? How does my immune system goes weaker or stronger? What are the laws governing my immune system?” and also,” What is the real capacity of my immune system?” Doctors can offer several possibilities in order to answer those questions, but they won’t be able to offer a precise , scientific answer based on observation, experimentation and consistent conclusions. Modern medicine is based solely on symptom treatments, while the knowledge about the root-cause is still an enigma.

For quite some time now, the general public is familiar with different theories about the mysterious powers of our mind, about the fact that people today do not know how to use the full potential of their brain and their mind. From those theories stemmed different speculations what would happen if we would be able to use our full potential, such as the theories about the perfect memory, telepathy or even flying. One of the most attractive theories was the idea about the possibility of our mind to prevent and cure any diseases or disorders of our material body.

Those theories are the integral part of Vedic wisdom in the form of the practical application of self-healing techniques. Vedic knowledge has been studied and taught for thousands of years, although for the past 5000 years it was has hardly been available to the western world. Vedas inform us that besides our physical body we also have our subtle mind. In order to support this claim we don’t need any other evidence besides our own direct experience. Furthermore, Vedas confirm that our mind is the cause of 99% of diseases that can manifest in our body, and that the main mechanism of any disease, is our incorrect understanding of the world around us (our perception). For example, if we see a rope, but we think it’s a snake, we will experience fear. This fear is real, but the cause of it is not real. In other words, it is the concocted creation of our mind.

The same principle applies to the diseases. If we don’t know the real cause of our disease, we incorrectly think that our body is the cause of our disorders and that the chemical changes in our body and the root-cause of the diseased condition of our body. But this diagnosis is wrong, and the Vedas are informing us how to change it and get concrete results.

According to the Vedas, our mind is divided into two main parts, conscious and subconscious mind. Conscious mind has three functions or three symptoms (thinking, feeling and focus), while the subconscious mind is used for storing and releasing all the content which is too strong for the conscious mind. The content of the mind (the impressions) which we forget or don’t remember properly becomes the part of our subconscious mind and such impressions or memories are not available to us using our conscious thinking.

Why does our subconscious mind store all the negative impressions?

From this example we can clearly understand the sensitivity of the immature mind, similar to the sensitivity our a young, immature body. Some substances such as alcohol, tobacco, drugs, medicines which an adult person can consume without immediate consequences, a small child cannot, because it has not yet developed enough strength and resistance.

A child’s mind reacts in a very similar way. A small child has no ways of defending itself against violent impressions, and if such things happen, the subconscious mind will literally take away those information from the conscious mind and store them inside its dark chambers, in order to prevent a nervous breakdown of the conscious mind. The problem is that most people in the past several millenniums were exposed to a large quantity of traumatic experiences in their childhood, and as a result of that, we have generations of people whose subconscious mind is the main generator of their behavior and thinking patterns.

When subconsciousness stores an impression, it converts it into an information about the chemical property of the body at the time of the traumatic experience. Chemical substances which are secreted into our body while we’re experiencing fear will always be the same, whenever we feel the emotion of fear. This means that for every emotion there is an adequate chemical substance. This is why we’re able to recognize fear, anger, frustration, helplessness, worthlessness and other negative as well as positive emotions. Those are all different chemical properties or conditions of the body, which our mind memorized, and those chemical conditions which are unacceptable to us, will be memorized by our subconsciousness, while those desirable and acceptable chemicals will be memorized by our conscious mind.

Our conscious mind remembers the memories of images, sounds, animations, conversations, smells and other sensory content. It remembers all those feelings (chemical states of the body) which are acceptable (tolerable). That is why we’re able to remember how we felt yesterday at one point in time. Those are all memories of the conscious mind. Subconscious mind remembers only the traumas, in the form of chemical substances (feelings) which we’re not aware of.

For example, if during our childhood we were often embarrassed and ashamed, which is a very negative impression (inappropriate for the natural child growth), we will develop a behavioral habit of protection against such situations. The way this happens is that our subconscious mind, we find ourselves in a similar situation, sends the instruction to our body which chemicals it should produce and how to defend ourselves from it. This habit stays for life, its character remains at the level of a child, because it was created in that period. That is why people, even in their 40s or 50s, will feel a strong emotion of anger and pain whenever they feel embarrassed or ashamed. Feelings worthlessness, rejection and sadness are too painful for the conscious mind, and even though it is only the matter of feelings, the subconscious will protect the conscious against those feelings by using anger, aggression or ridiculing.

In this way, we have two types of emotions in any given situation. One type of emotions are generated in the subconsciousness ; those are the emotions of a child, experiencing it as we did the first time, and those are too scary for our consciousness. This is why we get protected with the second type of emotions such as anger, violence, insults and feelings of victimization.

The more traumas we experienced during our childhood (age 0-8), our need for protection will be stronger. Subconscious protection is manifested within the character of a person; whatever bothers us, whatever are sensitive to, whatever angers us, scares us, repulses or attracts us, all this is nothing else but the shield whose function is to defend us from the situations we’re used to feel sensitive about.

In order to shield ourselves more successfully, we need attackers, otherwise our identity would be threatened (imagine that we’re afraid of an attack, but in reality, there are no attackers or threats). This is why we experience almost every situation in life as a possible threat (for our body and mind). If we approach life in such way, we will usually find enough reasons for defense, and so our worldview mostly negative. We base most of our experience on the experiences of a fearful child, because those were the strongest ones. We are not aware of those experiences (this is important to remember) and even though stored in the subconscious, they constantly influence us via the subconscious production of chemical reactions.

As I’ve mentioned before, every emotion (feeling) requires our body to produce certain chemicals which accurately represent such emotion. In this way we’re able to actively react to the world around us. For example, if we would stand in the middle of the street and watch a truck driving towards us, our adrenal glands would start producing adrenaline and other fear chemicals, which would inspire our body to move in order to protect ourselves from such chemical production. If we wouldn’t have such chemical production, we would keep looking into a truck driving closer to us, but we wouldn’t be able to move our body, because we would not feel the fear (chemicals). That is why it is important to recognize which chemicals we’re used to produce in certain situations, because if we produce incorrect chemicals, we will incorrectly interpret the situation, commit numerous mistakes and our life would become very difficult. Imagine the quality of your life if you’d constantly confuse rope with snakes…

The function of the subconsciousness is therefore the protection of the conscious, storing traumatic experiences. Subconscious also develops the habit of protection and such habit becomes an integral part of our character. According to the Vedas, such character which is based on our subconsciousness is called the false ego, or the false self (temporary identity). In this way, the subconscious will store our traumas until the overload, after which those traumas will start getting stored in our body.

Our body is mainly made of water which has a great capacity for storing emotions. Our body is like our subconsciousness, ideal storage place for negative emotions, except it is in a physical form. The subconsciousness will use that for relieving itself, and when there are too many stored negative impressions, the bodily disease is inevitable.

How does this process take place?

Our nervous system controls all chemical changes within our body. From the body temperature and blood pressure, from the immune system level to our digestive fluids, all chemical changes in our body are happening outside of our conscious control. This is due to our ignorance of the technique which allows us to control those chemical events. When our subconsciousness sends the overload signal, the nervous system will “write” that into our physical body by rationing our oxygen supplies to certain body-cells. Our body-cells cannot survive without oxygen not even for a moment and if the nervous system withholds on 2% of it, we will experience pains and disorders in that part of our body. Every disease in the body is caused by the lack of oxygen flow in our blood stream. Affected cells will react in such way to let us know that there is a problem within our mind and that we need to resolve it. It is enough for our thyroid gland to receive a few percent less oxygen and all kinds of chemical disorders will take place within our body. If we know the real cause of those symptoms, treating them becomes pointless. Our body is able to produce unlimited types of symptoms and pains, but the cause is always the same – lack of oxygen due to subconscious overload.

If we could stop the influence of our subconsciousness on our body, all the symptoms would automatically disappear. In my long experience with self-healing, I’ve noticed that the symptoms of a patient suffering from pains and disorders, completely withdraw within the first 5-30 minutes. This is truly amazing, but also very logical, because if the root-cause is the lack of oxygen, as soon as it saturates affected cells, they become alive and healthy and the symptoms of pain simply disappear. In order to stop the influence of our subconsciousness, it is required of us to learn the method of getting inside our subconsciousness. The method is simple and practical, everyone can learn it. Although we need some experienced guidance at the very beginning, in a very short time, everyone can learn how to independently clean all undesirable habits of thinking, feeling and behaving. As a result of this, all disorders go away and our problems in life transform into something beneficial, desirable and full of happiness.

My first and second book has already been translated in English and available in PDF form. Please contact me directly if you want to order any of my books.

Thank you for your interest,

Kristijan Kolega
(Kakudmi das)